E3 2018: The Last of Us 2 Gameplay Trailer Revealed But No Release Date

The Last of Us 2 new gameplay trailer has been revealed during E3 2018. The highly anticipated PS4 exclusive was featured prominently during the presentation, with developer Naughty Dog pulling back the curtain on the mysterious sequel, though still not announcing when it will launch.

This is exciting news for PS4 owners, with The Last of Us 2 ranking at the top of games that players want to see released on Sony’s console. Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann has expressed that this will be a darker game than its predecessor, exploring more of the difficult moral choices survivors of the apocalypse have to make. It starts a grown-up Ellie struggling to navigate life after the outbreak.

The new trailer shows Ellie dancing with and kissing a woman in a church party, before it shifts to a different setting with her dispatching a bunch of enemies in the most brutal fashion possible. The Last of Us 2 certainly pulls no punches, with Ellie cleaving an enemy’s head clean off. The combat looks as nail-biting as ever, with her struggling to reload her gun at crucial moments, trying to use an enemy as a human shield before being pelted with arrows.

Joel was absent from the footage, with The Last of Us protagonist nowhere to be found during the trailer. It appears that either Joel is AWOL in the sequel, or that he’s going to be featured later on in the game. We have no doubt that Joel’s appearance (or lack thereof) will be brought in The Last of Us 2, but Naughty Dog didn’t provide us with any answers during its E3 2018 showing.

The Last of Us 2 was the first in a series of “deep-dives” hosted by Sony, with the company focusing on its biggest first-party properties for this year’s E3.

You can watch the new The Last of Us 2 trailer below: