E3 2018: What Was The Last of Us 2 Trailer Song

Opening up the E3 2018 Sony press conference was not only a performance but The Last of Us 2 composer Gustavo Santaolalla but also a The Last of Us 2 trailer song featuring a country tune as Ellie watched a village hall-esque performance. You might have been too busy toe-tapping along and infatuated by Ellie’s happy moment to notice. But was was the song?

The song being crooned over the beginning of the cutscene was a version of Little Sadie by Crooked Still, featuring the lyrics ‘Went back home jumped into my bed/44 pistol under my head.’

Wow, that’s dark. The Last of Us 2 is going all-in on the suicide theme, huh? Especially with the gore and misdirection we got from The Last of Us 2 trailer tonight.

Gustavo Santaolalla also performed what appeared to be an original composition from The Last of Us 2 soundtrack on-stage with a banjo. It showcased the signature melancholy and minimalism that we’ve come to expect from the series.

You can listen to The Last of Us 2 trailer from the church in full below. It was released in 2006 and features on the album Shaken by a Low Sound.Despite its dark symbolism, it’s real catchy. I’m a country bumpkin now.