Fortnite World Cup Skins Revealed: Aerial Threat, Clinical Crosser and More

A total of eight Fortnite World Cup skins have been revealed through datamined game files. As has now become tradition, following any significant Fortnite update, dataminers dig deep and unearth a great many secrets. This time a load of skins have been revealed, with eight of them belonging to a Fortnite World Cup set, presumably ready to be released in celebration of the big footy tournament!

With the World Cup already under way, you can expect the Fortnite World Cup skins to pop up in the store sometime very soon. There’s no doubt that Epic Games will be wanting to capitalize on the football hype with these Fortnite soccer skins.

Fortnite World Cup Skins: Aerial Threat, Midfield Maestro, Stalwart Sweeper, and Super Striker

Making up four of the Fortnite World Cup skins are male players. They’re all different in appearance, giving users plenty of choices. I’m a fan of the third skin, as he’s wearing what appear to be Buzz Lightyear-themed football boots. (Yeah, probably just coincidence, but shush!)

Fortnite World Cup SkinsFortnite World Cup SkinsFortnite World Cup SkinsFortnite World Cup Skins

Fortnite World Cup Skins: Clinical Crosser, Dynamic Dribbler, Finesse Finisher and Poised Playmaker

Moving on to the final four Fortnite World Cup skins and we have the women. Again, each rocks a different look, letting players pick their preference.

Fortnite World Cup SkinsFortnite World Cup SkinsFortnite World Cup SkinsFortnite World Cup Skins

At the time of posting, there hasn’t yet been any official Fortnite World Cup skins release date announcement. Of course, the World Cup is only active for a limited time, so I’m expecting Epic Games to feature these soccer skins sometime very soon. They would also work well with the new Fortnite Week 7 challenges, which task players with scoring goals on different soccer pitches.

If you don’t feel like refreshing the Fortnite store, the game’s official Twitter account is a good place to watch. Any new skin announcements will be made there.