Overwatch Team Says Thank You to Community for Two Years of Support

It’s been two years since Overwatch first released, and the Overwatch team feel as though it now time to say thank you to the community of players that have been built along the way. With the Anniversary event coming to an end, it made sense why the team at Blizzard wanted to reach out and say thank you before getting back on course with new Overwatch content for the upcoming Blizzcon.

The video opens with recognizable faces Michael Chu and Jeff Kaplan, as well as various other employees involved in the development of Overwatch. They begin to narrate how they felt when they finally released Overwatch into the world on May 26th, 2016.

What makes this video particularly inspiring is the employees speaking in their own mother tongue, switching from English, Mandarin, German, Portuguese and various other languages, showing off the diverse team behind the studios. Unfortunately, their names aren’t include in the thank you video. Maybe next time, Jeff?

Speaking of Jeff Kaplan, the video also included a lot of shout-outs and inside jokes. Overwatch‘s ridiculous memes are mentioned, as well as a jab from Kaplan that despite these two years of Overwatch, nobody still can be bothered to get on the payload. Harsh but, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, embarrassingly true.

If you haven’t seen the tweet for yourself, be sure to check that out, as well as the accompanying video below. Are you feeling the love from Overwatch? Has Overwatch changed your life in any way? Let us know in the comments.