Beyond Blue Announced

Beyond Blue Ocean Exploration Game Announced

Beyond Blue is the latest game from Never Alone publisher E-Line Media, the company announced. The game will take players deep into the ocean as they lead a newly formed research team to explore and study the mysteries of the ocean.

Beyond Blue is an narrative-driven ocean exploration game set in the near future. Players will take on the role of Mirai, the lead of a newly formed research team. There’s no much info on the game’s story but according to the game’s official website, it will feature “evocative narrative” and “high level resource management,” both of which will push players to make challenging decisions as they learn to prioritize which tasks they can realistically complete.

The game was made in collaboration between “world class game makers” as well as “leading ocean experts” to create an authentic ocean research experience. Along with the game’s announcement, the publisher released a new teaser trailer that seemingly shows off some gameplay, which looks equal parts awe-inspiring, mystifying, and frightening as it teases some of the deep-sea creatures players will encounter.

Looking at the trailer, players will be able to utilize high tech equipment such as a wet suit that lights up and a helmet that is able to store oxygen without a tank. There are also what look like miniature submarines and players will be able to use a first-person camera with different modes to see their environment differently. The game looks like it’s attempting to simulate a real-life research expedition with the purpose of educating rather than creating something fantastical, something very similar to what the publisher did with Never Alone.

Beyond Blue is set to release for PC and consoles sometime in early 2019, although it hasn’t been revealed which consoles the game will be launched on. You can check out the teaser trailer of the new game below:

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