Kingdom Hearts 3 Not Having Star Wars or Avengers Is Finally Explained

During E3 we saw a ton of trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 that showed off a lot of great stuff. It doesn’t get old seeing Sora, Donald and Goofy kick it back with the heroes from Wreck-It-Ralph, swing from tree to tree with Rapunzel and even join up with Elsa and Anna from Frozen. But no Kingdom Hearts 3 Star Wars content was shown, nor anything to do with the Avengers for that matter…

What gives, Square Enix? Aren’t you supposed to be collaborating with every Disney product? This is Kingdom Hearts 3, isn’t it? Where is Black Panther, Captain America, and Scarlet Witch? Or how about Darth Vader, Princess Leia or Han Solo?

Unfortunately, it seems as though meeting our favorite heroes won’t be happening any time soon. Thanks to the reporting made by Mobile 01, it has been revealed that, according to Kingdom Heart’s game director, Tetsuya Nomura,  the chances of either Star Wars or Avengers ever making it into Kingdom Hearts is terribly low.

This is no doubt due to the fact that despite the characters in those franchises being owned by the Disney Company, they are not Disney’s original creations. Therefore if they wanted to include them, it would be too much of a legal hassle and would cost the studio a lot of money. Nonetheless, this is disappointing news for the fans as we’re certain many would have loved to see Sora team up with their favorite characters from the Marvel and Star Wars universes. Sadly, it just doesn’t seem possible right now.

Though that doesn’t stop us from wishing it anyway. And besides, there have been some great fan-made material out there displaying Sora and Riku with lightsabers, or palling around with the Avengers. It just seems as though it’ll be remaining fan-made for a long time to come.