Gran Turismo Sport Championships Begin Today and It’s Open to Anyone

The Gran Turismo Sport Championships begin today and it’s certified by the FIA (International Automobile Federation). There will actually be two different championships hosted for the 2018 Series, which includes the Nations Cup and the Manufacturer Series. The best thing about the Gran Turismo Sport Championships is that anyone can participate in the intense months-long competition.

The Nations Cup will see players compete for their respective countries while the Manufacturer Series will require players to sign a driver affiliation contract with their favorite manufacturer. The Nations Cup allows players to choose any car without restriction, regardless of the player’s country of origin. However, as expected, players will have drive cars loaned from their contracted manufacturer in the Manufacturer Series.

Both Championships begin with their online phase with Season 1 in June starting today, with Season 2 starting next month in July. Both will conclude with their Final Season, which will be held from August to September. The winning players will proceed to the Live Events, where they will compete for the glory of participating in the World Finals in November.

Gran Turismo Sport Championships: Star Players

While anyone can participate in the online phase of the Championships, only those aged 18 or 21 years and above in selected countries will be eligible for the Regional and World Finals, as well as become eligible to register as a Star Player. Star Players are described as “players who exhibit superior technique and sportsmanship,” and will appear in the game with an “S” Driver Rating. Star Players are those who reach the top 200 players in a season’s ranking or the top ten players for each country/manufacturer.

For more details and information on the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport Championships, check out the overview here. More will be revealed in the weeks and months ahead. Check out the first ever Gran Turismo Sport World Tour Live Event recently held at legendary race track Nürburgring below.