Fortnite Swastika Is Being Removed, Epic Games Confirms

Fortnite swastika has been discovered in-game. What is mainly seen as a Nazi symbol appears when very specific conditions are met. This explains why the swastika has only just been discovered, despite the millions of people playing for countless hours. What with Epic Games’ rapid implementation of patches, there’s no doubt that the Fortnite swastika will be removed very soon. However, for now, there’s a very controversial symbol featured in the game.

Fortnite Swastika In-Game

Fortnite Swastika

The above image of the Fortnite Swastika was posted by user EuBestCityEU on Reddit. He explained that by making a square with four metal floor tiles, before then editing them into a circle, a swastika would appear in the center. EuBestCityEu and their friends were simply trying to make a metal dancefloor when they stumbled upon the Fortnite swastika.

As the swastika symbol is most commonly associated with Nazism, and is banned from being shown in many countries, Epic Games has confirmed that this “was unintended and will be addressed ASAP by adjusting the metal piece art.” This needs removing as soon as possible, to prevent any further damage to the Fortnite name, which has been coming under a lot of fire recently.

Fortnite Swastika Removed

Fortnite Swastika

Epic Games has provided more information about the incoming Fortnite swastika fix. Speaking to The Verge, the developer  gave an example of what the fix will look like. The swastika has been swapped for a kind of squiggly cross.

This Fortnite swastika controversy comes at a bad time for Epic Games, as the popular Battle Royale experience has been blamed for causing video game addiction, which has now become a recognized illness. For what is supposed to be a kid-friendly game, Fortnite sure is stirring up a lot of trouble. Perhaps today’s update will fix it? Here’s hoping!