Xbox Insiders Can Upgrade Their Xbox Avatars Today

Microsoft announced way back when at E3 2017 that it would be upgrading its Xbox Avatars. I’m here to tell you that the huge update promised will be going live today for Xbox Insiders. Xbox Insiders can upgrade their Xbox Avatars today.

The update we speak of is a big one. Millions of new customization options will make the Xbox Avatar experience a far more inclusive one. Many new body types will be added, plenty of new skin colors, gender-neutral clothing, and prosthetic limbs will be added, too. The upgrades to Xbox Avatars are great for everyone.

When can Xbox Insiders Upgrade Their Xbox Avatars?

Xbox Insiders will be able to upgrade their Xbox Avatars later today. By 12 pm PDT/3 pm EDT, Xbox Insiders will be allowed access to the upgraded beta Xbox Avatar Editor. To access the new Editor just head on into the Xbox Insider Hub’s Insider content tab.

Many new customization options await in the Xbox Avatar Editor. “A wide range of body types and gender-neutral clothing” will be there. Alongside these Xbox Insiders will find “new appearance items and accessories, including fingernails, makeup, limbs, nose rings, and moods.” Most of these new features can be highly customized with over 16 million color options, to boot.

On top of all this, Microsoft has announced even more changes to the Xbox Avatar. Once you have made your new Xbox Avatar, you can put them in the Photobooth. In the Photobooth, you can pose your Avatar to your heart’s content and use different background colors – all in order to find your perfect portrait. Xbox users will be able to use the new portrait, their original Avatar or a Gamerpic to represent themselves now. Talk about freedom of choice.

While all of this sounds lovely, Dashboard integration won’t be available alongside the new Xbox Avatars. Insiders have to wait that little bit longer for that.