Mario + Rabbids DLC Offers Around 10 Hours of Gameplay, Future Installments Teased

Who knew that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle would prove such a success for Ubisoft and Nintendo? The game was a surprise hit last year and its upcoming Donkey Kong Adventure focussed DLC is just around the corner. Fans can’t wait to return to the Rabbid-infested Mushroom Kingdom and Davide Soliani (Mario + Rabbids Creative Director) has had some good news to share about the project. Mario + Rabbids DLC is sounding like a steal.

In what should be music to player’s ears, Soliani (in an interview with Eurogamer) gave plenty of insight into the upcoming DLC. Many things were discussed, but there were a couple little nuggets of gold to be taken from the lengthy interview.

Mario + Rabbids DLC: Longer Than You Might Think

Soliani explains that originally the DLC was “going to be a small experience”. During its development, however, plans changed. The Donkey Kong DLC is going to be almost as good as buying a sequel, it seems.

“We reprioritized ourselves. It was going to be a small experience, two to three hours, one world. But in the end, it is almost half of the main game. In the main game you have 27 minutes of cinematics. DK has 20. In the main game you have four worlds, this is one but it is as big as two. It’s 10 hours of gameplay. We’ve put everything in – all our passion.”

Indeed. All of that passion was on show at E3, where the DLC was given a fine musical section. It certainly sounds like fans who are clamoring for more Mario + Rabbids action are in for a treat. The Donkey Kong DLC releases on June 26th (25th for Season Pass holders). Aside from the size and scope of the DLC, however, Soliani spoke of the future of the series, and it does sound promising if a little vague.

“We still have loads of ideas. We used on tenth of the ideas. But now the DLC is done… what I can say is we are working out, for the future… who knows!… We need time to work on something which makes sense. We are taking that time to see how it goes. You need time to think what you can do to bring something new for players.”

It’s great that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been such a success for Ubisoft and Nintendo. We think the upcoming Donkey Kong DLC looks great and it sounds like it offers plenty of new content. Let’s hope for a sequel, eh?