Limbo and Inside Switch Versions Coming Soon

The Nintendo Switch is filled with lighthearted games, which is spot on for their brand. However, the system is about to get a little bit darker. Danish developer Playdead announced that their two well-received games are hitting the Nintendo Switch quite soon. Limbo and Inside Switch versions are coming worldwide on June 28th. While Playdead didn’t give a price, Limbo is currently $9.99 on PSN, Steam, and the Xbox Marketplace and Inside is $19.99 on the same platforms.

Playdead’s announcement tweet came after Japanese magazine Famitsu tweeted about the upcoming ports. This marks yet another platform for both games and the first time either has been on a Nintendo system. Limbo has made its way to almost every recent platform over the last decade, outside of Nintendo’s handhelds and consoles. Inside, on the other hand, has been slowly making its way away from the Xbox One and PC and is now on iOS and PS4.

Both titles have reviewed incredibly well. Limbo and Inside were highly reviewed on this site and echo the critical praise from around the press. Sales numbers are a bit more murky, at least for one of the titles. In 2013, Playdead announced that Limbo had sold three million copies. The developer has not been as open about Inside‘s sales as that number, much like the actual game, remains a mystery. An Inside Switch port could push sales to some sort of noteworthy milestone, given the console’s popularity.

Playdead has been working on their next game but they have not given any details about it. The studio’s official Twitter account tweeted a vague photo in January 2017. In the tweet, they thanked players for the Inside‘s warm reception and stated that “Playdead founder Arnt Jensen and the team have been working on the next adventure.” Judging by the photo, it features a young humanoid figure in a dark, depressing setting. In other words, even this early picture evokes their unique style.