Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Tentatively Planned but No Season Pass

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been a long time coming. And while the game won’t be out until January 29th, 2019, future downloadable content is already being brought up. In a recent interview with Director Tetsuya Normura, he revealed the team’s tentative plans for Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC but said the game will not have a season pass.

In the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu (as translated by Gematsu), he talked about his wishes for the game’s possible post-release content. He said they have not nailed down what the content will be but said he wants it to “expand gameplay rather than do things like sell in-game items.” The director then stated that they’ll release standalone content rather than a season pass, which would start after they finish the main story.

While no details were given, Nomura’s words gave the impression that they won’t be selling smaller things like items and skins. It’s possible that something that would “expand gameplay” would mean more worlds or new modes and characters. Calling it “standalone content” might be a translation mishap because it’s unlikely that any Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC wouldn’t also require the main game.

Nomura also shared more smaller details in the interview surrounding file sizes, timeline details, and the hardships of having both Japanese and English voice acting. While all of these new world reveals (or the opposite in some cases) build hype, it might be making the game too big. He shared his concerns that they might not have enough space on the disc. The team is turning the cutscenes into movies, which reduces load times but can cause the file size to balloon.

As for timelines, The Pirates of the Caribbean world takes place during the third movie, At World’s End. The Frozen level is at the same time as the film as well and will include the famous “Let it Go” song. The Japanese and English voicing and dubbing is also proving difficult for the team to support.