Rebellion Have Games in the Works for Switch

Ah, Sniper Elite. The game series where we get to shoot Nazis and see them die in horrific slow-motion. Perhaps there’s a chance we will be sniping Nazi’s on the go if Rebellion’s latest comments are anything to go on. The Sniper Elite developers Rebellion have games in the works for Switch.

Indeed, speaking to VG24/7, the CEO of Rebellion, Jason Kingsley announced that they are working on new titles for the Nintendo Switch. While they wouldn’t confirm exactly what titles they are bringing to the Switch, it’s not going to be ports, so no Sniper Elite 4 or Strange Brigade, I’m afraid.

What Does Rebellion Have in the Works for Switch?

The interview, which covered many topics, focusing on the future of the 26-year-old studio, brought up the Switch. Kingsley’s comments are interesting, to say the least.

“Switch is a really important format to us. We are working on Switch titles. It’s a different power of machine, so you have to be a bit careful – it’s not as powerful as PS4 or the Xbox. We can’t just port our games onto Switch, you’ve gotta think of new and interesting ideas.”

While it would be great to play Sniper Elite on Switch, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be playing Sniper Elite 4 on it any time soon. This doesn’t mean that Rebellion isn’t making a whole new, unique entry of the series for the hybrid machine, however. It would be great to play one of Rebellion’s existing titles on the console, but it doesn’t look likely, and that includes the upcoming Strange Brigade, which releases August 28th, 2018.

The Switch represents a change and challenge to game developers from the norm, but it sounds like Rebellion are up to it:

“One of the things we’ve been through is console change. We were on the first PlayStation, PS2, PS3, PS4. There’s always a new challenge. We make games very cost effectively. Our games sell half as well as the biggest games out there and that’s pretty damn good, but our games cost a tenth of what [others] cost to make.”

It sounds like whatever Rebellion is making for Switch will be cost-effective and likely make money for the studio. What would you like to see them release on Switch? A unique Sniper Elite, or something completely different?