Nintendo Switch Flip Grip Accessory Lets You Play Vertically

The creativity of others is truly a blessing at times, and with fan-made accessories like the Nintendo Switch Flip Grip, we can’t help but wonder what fans will do to improve on the Nintendo Switch next. Ever since arcade classic games like Pac-Man, Sonic and lately, Donkey Kong has arrived on the Switch, there’s been a demand for a way to play these beautiful games vertically. Why? Well, according to some gamers, playing these games horizontally is difficult and often frustrating.

However, thanks to the Flip Grip, that problem has the potential to be solved. The Flip Grip is, essentially, a grip that holds the tablet of the Switch tablet at a vertical angle which allows for better viewing of the vertical arcade games. The grip is designed with rails on either side to work the same as the rails on the Switch tablet, meaning people won’t be struggling with their joy cons and can play the game in handheld mode.

The accessory has been billed as a collaboration between long-time classic game journalist Jeremy Parish, gaming shop Fangamer as well as industrial designer and engineer, Mike Choi. Together they’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on the website Kickstarter where, if successful, the Flip Grip accessory will sell for $15. At the moment the creators are looking to raise $42,500 for their product.

The idea came to be due to Parish desperately wanting a vertical accessory for the Switch in the first place. Only later on he realized that nobody was going to make what he wanted. He states, “no accessory makers have stepped up to take advantage of the brilliant accessory idea I offered up for free, no strings attached. So I reached out to Fangamer to see if they knew anyone capable of designing something along those lines.”

It just goes to show what creativity and resources can do. The campaign only has 18 days to go, will it be funded in time? We’ll let you know as soon as the campaign has ended.