This Skyrim Female Dragonborn Statue Deserves to Sit on Your Shelf

Just when you thought you didn’t have more than enough Skyrim merchandise sitting at home, you’re proven wrong thanks to this beautiful Female Dragonborn statue. A statue that, dare we say, deserves to sit on your shelf. While some may still be patiently waiting to dive right into the new Fallout 76 beta (whenever that comes out), others will be, not-so-patiently, eager to dive into the next thing Elder Scrolls. For now? It may just be this statue.

ThinkGeek, known for their wonderfully geeky merchandise from franchises such as Star Wars and Fallout, has recently decided that all Dragonborns deserve to be shown. While it’s a bit sad that we can’t get our very own female Orc Dragonborn, we’ll most definitely take this one. Not only does she look stylish no matter what the angle, but she’s not too pricey either at only $49.99.

We’re certain that there’s more than a fair few fans out there that play Skyrim as a female Dragonborn, but unfortunately they’ve never had the opportunity to get merchandise that recognizes that. ThinkGeek also held the same sentiment. In the product description, ThinkGeek states:

“Even though many of us choose to Fus Ro Dah as a female Dovahkiin, there hasn’t been a lot of mass-produced representation of that option out there. So after we carried a Dragonborn figure and variant that sold well, we thought, “You know, we here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ could aim to fix that discrepancy ourselves.””

We respect that kind of ambition, particularly when the figure looks as good as this one. Standing over 9″ tall and weighing just 10 oz, you’d be a right milk drinker to miss out on an exclusive figure like this one. That’s right, you can only get it from ThinkGeek or GameStop, so what are you waiting for? Buy it as soon as possible.