Obsidian’s Avowed gives off serious Skyrim vibes

Obsidian has revealed a brand-new fantasy RPG named Avowed as part of the Xbox Games Showcase and it’s giving off some serious Skyrim vibes. We haven’t yet gotten an Elden Ring or Elder Scrolls 6 reveal, but this new RPG from Obsidian might just have everything we want.

The short trailer opens with a narration set to some establishing shots of the world.

“War. It forged our empire. Turned heroes into queens and kings… and decimated our foes. Now our oaths are lost. Forsaken. And you must face the monsters our sins have born. Is an oath worth the weight of a crown?”

As the narrator speaks, a volley of fire arrows is shot over the landscape. One arrow lands in a cave where a man walks up to it. An archway lights up in the distance, feeling a bit like the approach of the Balrog in The Lord of The Rings. Our hero then draws a sword and activates a spell on his left hand, preparing for a battle that we don’t get to see just yet.

Dual-wielding a weapon and a spell makes Avowed feel a bit like Skyrim, but this game also feels a lot like The Lord of the Rings. Obsidian did a great world with sci-fi when they made Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds — they soon might do the same for the fantasy genre with Avowed. For now, you can check out its foreboding reveal trailer below.