Solid Snake’s Smash Bros Ultimate Ass Annoys David Hayter

In what might be today’s best headline, David Hayter has announced that he is annoyed by the new flatness of Snake’s derrière in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Snake’s flat bum has become the butt of many jokes. In Brawl, Nintendo gave him quite the buns and have now decided to get rid of them.

The visual change is just one of many in Smash Bros Ultimate). Link now wears his Breath of the Wild garb and Zelda is now presented in her Link to the Past/Link Between Worlds self. Snake’s visual appearance has proven the worst for a lot of people, however. What can we say? People liked his bum. Now though, someone with a bit of influence has had their say.

Indeed, David Hayter (who provides the voice of Snake in Ultimate) has aired his frustration on Twitter:

Responding to an original tweet from Gaming Humor & News, Hayter included what’s sure to become the hashtag of our generation. #FreeSnakesButt. We don’t think Hayter is about to put Snake’s new character model behind him – he won’t sit down too easily. Who knows why Sakurai and his team “downgraded” Snake’s “assets”? We think we found the answer.

One knowledgeable user has provided us all with the reason why Snake’s bum has lost some its shape. Samus did it:

That man Sakurai sure is a stickler for detail. Nothing gets past him, especially a stonking great behind.

If ever you find yourself feeling bummed out by Snake’s gluteus minimus, you know that it was Samus’ fault. Snake, and therefore the world, have kissed his bum goodbye. Despite Hayter’s almighty hashtag, Snake’s flat bum looks set to stay with Smash Bros Ultimate launching exclusively on Nintendo Switch December 7th, 2018.