Forza Horizon 4 Downloaded Four Months Early For Some Players

The upcoming Forza Horizon 4, which takes a sojourn over to the UK, was available to download for some players on the Windows Store over the weekend. While no one was able to open any files, the goof allowed users to spot an incomplete car list. Forza Horizon 4 downloaded four months early, but no one can play it yet.

Indeed as per a report on Eurogamer, the four-month early download was spotted by Redditor daten-shi. They discovered that Forza Horizon 4 began to pre-load. Before their excitement got out of hand, however, daten-shi found that they couldn’t actually play the game once the download finished.

“Literally can’t do anything with the files other than look at them due to the fact that Windows encrypts everything it downloads from the Windows Store. I can’t even use Linux to copy the files and upload for people to inspect as I get an access denied error.”

While those lucky enough to have Forza Horizon 4 downloaded four months early cannot play the game, they can look at the files within. These make for some interesting reading and what appears to be an incomplete list of cars in the game has been posted online. It sounds like we’ll be driving around the UK in a ’31 Bentley 8-Litre, at least.

It has been something of a difficult weekend for Microsoft. The official Forza Motorsport Twitter account had to get involved:

The typical, nothing to see here, move along response. Forza Horizon 4 will release properly on Xbox One and PC October 2nd, 2018.