Wolfenstein 2 Might be the Last of the Series on Switch

Bethesda’s fantastic reboot of the Wolfenstein series is set to hit the Switch on Friday (June 29th). Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus originally released last year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and Switch owners are desperate to start shooting Nazi’s on the toilet. Following on from the successes of DOOM and Skyrim Switch, Wolfenstein 2 Switch looks to continue the trend – despite it being a direct sequel.

The fact that Wolfenstein 2 is a direct sequel may put people off from playing it on Switch if they haven’t yet played its predecessor – Wolfenstein The New Order. The New Colossus may be a daunting prospect for some. Will we ever see the original game, or its prequel, The Old Blood on Switch? Developer Panic Button simply doesn’t know.

Speaking to Adam Creighton, studio head of Panic Button, GameSpot asked him if other Wolfenstein games would come to the Nintendo console. “That’s a Bethesda discussion, honestly. It’s [up to] them and Nintendo as to what would work for the platform,” Creighton replied. “I think it’ll be interesting to see how [The New Colossus is] received right after it launches at the end of the month and what Bethesda does from there.”

Creighton then confirmed that there a no current plans to port either The New Order or The Old Blood. He does argue that Panic Button would be up to the task, however. “Not that I know of, but Bethesda may have other plans. And we on the Panic Button side are totally up for anything.”

In other, also slightly sad news from Panic Button, Creighton confirmed that Wolfenstein 2 Switch will not come with the game’s DLC at launch. “Right now we’re releasing the base game. Bethesda is going to look at what the reaction is in the market, what people want.” While the lack of DLC and ports of the older Wolfenstein titles may be disappointing, Bethesda does sound like it is aware that both are something fans will want.

Bottom line, folks, is that if we all go out and buy Wolfenstein 2 Switch, Bethesda may just get Panic Button to port over The New Order, The Old Blood, and The New Colossus’ DLC. Wolfenstein 2 Switch releases June 29.