Kingdom Come Deliverance Hardcore Mode Added in New Patch 1.6 Available Now

Warhorse Studios’ highly ambitious Kingdom Come Deliverance has gone a long way since it was originally released earlier in February 2018. The developer promised a lot of content back in May when it announced the game’s DLC roadmap for the rest of 2018 and leading into 2019. It’s impressive that it’s already delivering part of those promises merely a month later, with the game’s Hardcore Mode finally being introduced in the latest patch 1.6 available now.

A Reddit post by Warhorse Studios from earlier today detailed patch 1.6 for Kingdom Come Deliverance. The promised Hardcore Mode has arrived, alongside some information on what it actually entails. The new Hardcore Mode will turn the game into somewhat of a “survival type RPG,” where players will need to manage Henry’s health, stamina, energy, and nourishment, as well as his whereabouts, even further. It basically means that the difficulty has been ramped up due to several additional features and omissions.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Hardcore Mode: More Realism Equals Harder Difficulty

For starters, fast travel and autosaving have been disabled in Kingdom Come Deliverance Hardcore Mode. Simply navigating through the game has been made more difficult, due to the fact that North, South, East, and West will no longer be marked on the compass. Somehow, the combat has been tweaked to be even more realistic, with improved strike impacts.

If all that isn’t enough, players will also need to choose two negative perks, which will last for the entire game. Yes, that’s right, Warhorse Studios has added permanent debuffs to make the game even harder. Some are downright brutal. For instance, the Nightmares negative perk will give players a short-term debuff every single time they sleep and the Shakes negative perk makes aiming bows and picking locks harder.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Patch 1.6 also adds a “Disable Tutorials” setting in the options, as well as fixes a bunch of bugs. At the end of the Reddit post, Warhorse Studios promises to more information on the game’s next DLC From The Ashes very soon. That’s only one of four planned DLC for the medieval RPG, alongside a new Tournament feature and more, which was initially revealed in the DLC roadmap announcement last month.