Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Adds Pets, but Expect to Open up Your Wallet to Get Them

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is full of surprises. When it isn’t surprising us all by how much people have spent on it, or how disturbing some of the side quests are, the game adds Hogwarts Mystery pets in order to spice up the gameplay and keep us on our toes. What’s more, you’re able to own up to four of these pets, so consider yourself the new zookeeper of your dorm if you so choose to buy that many animals.

The four types that have been included so far are rats, cats, toads and fan-favorite animal, owls. Though like you would expect with Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, you aren’t able to have your cake and eat it for free. If you’re desperate to be known as the animal lady around Hogwarts, then you’ll either have to be waiting a very long time by saving up for crystals, or you’ll have to open your wallet and spend your money to get the pets you want.

Each pet has a different price. The rat costs 160 gems, as does the toad, the cat costs 215 gems whereas the owl costs 320. If you’re willing to spend money on these animals then that’s entirely up to you, though we do advise that spending real-life cash will be quite pricey with 130 gems costing £4.99. That isn’t even enough for a rat/toad.

For those who are wondering what the pets actually do, not a lot. While they aren’t purely cosmetic, they don’t add much to the mobile game’s narrative and you are only allowed one pet out at a time to join you on your adventures which makes buying more than one pet seem somewhat useless. The only benefit the pets do seem to have is that they give out energy boosts when woken from their slumber.

Will you be checking out pets in the new Hogwarts Mystery update? Let us know.