Corsair Acquires Streaming Hardware and Accessory Maker Elgato Gaming

Corsair is one of the most popular gaming peripheral and component manufacturers in the world, producing some of the best in the market. And it looks like the company is expanding into more areas in the gaming sphere as the company has announced that it is purchasing streaming hardware manufacturer Elgato Gaming.

Elgato makes some of the streaming community’s most popular capture devices. Late last year, the company introduced its first 4K internal capture capable of 60fps capture. The company also introduced the Stream Deck accessory last year, a programmable keypad that users can customize for a variety of functions. Elgato’s products enable content creators to stream gameplay from their consoles, such as the PS4, onto platforms like Twitch without having to resort to expensive professional hardware.

Corsair didn’t give out much information on the deal, such as how much it cost to purchase Elgato Gaming or what will happen to the latter’s current staff, but it did mention that Elgato’s other business, Elgato Eve, will continue to operate independently and will be renamed to Eve Systems. The announcement also didn’t mention when the deal will be processed and completed but given the fact that both companies have made it public it shouldn’t take too long.

This new deal will mean we’ll probably be seeing Corsair-branded Elgato products in the future, adding to the already large number of products Corsair manufactures including computer memory, cases, PSUs, cooling systems, keyboards, mice, mouse pads, headsets, and more. Elgato’s line-up of products joining the Corsair family include both internal and external capture cards and accessories as well as a collapsible green screen.

With the still growing popularity of streaming on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, this was definitely a good move by the company as it will mean streamers may possibly end up with setups that are composed of mostly Corsair products, which will increase the company’s visibility even more. It will also add more avenues for the company to initiate more partnerships and sponsorships with content creators.