PUBG Royale Pass Boosts Mobile Revenue by Nearly 5x in One Week

PlayerUnknown Battleground has been taking more than a little inspiration from Fortnite lately, how so? By adding a PUBG Royale Pass to players, which debuted last week. Currently, like Fortnite, there are two versions of the pass. The free version and a more advanced, elite version that will cost players $9.99, allowing players access to tons of goodies for them to enjoy. And apparently, with the pass’ introduction only being around for a week, it has done so well that it’s already boosted revenue for PUBG Mobile by nearly 5 times the usual amount.

These numbers come from the mobile app market researcher Sensor Tower, which reports that PUBG Mobile on both iOS and Android earned $6.1 million gross worldwide. Before the pass was introduced, the game earned an average of $1.3 million in the three weeks before it. It’s such a big difference that we’re certain that PUBG Corp will be looking at new ways to further pull their fans in.

Sensor Tower head of mobile insights, Randy Nelson also stated his prediction on the amount PUBG earns each day. He said, “at present, we estimate that ‘PUBG Mobile’ is now earning more than $700,000 per day in player spending across both stores worldwide and has grossed more than $16 million to date.”

As well as earning a lot more revenue than it was previously, Nelson commented that it also has affected their ranking too. Before the pass it was ranked between 100 and 150, now it’s in the top 50. According to Nelson “that’s still well below ‘Fortnite’s’ consistent top 10 ranking,” but we’d be lying if we said it isn’t a dramatic change in the right direction.

Considering that since January, PUBG has lost nearly 1.5 million players, this may be the thing that will save PUBG from fading into obscurity in the Battle Royale whirlpool, or at least, allow it to hold its own against Fortnite.