Mega Man X Legacy Collection Restores Original Boss Names

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection is set to release late next month for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. And in a recent trailer for the game highlighting the collections’ new “X Challenge Mode” it was revealed that Capcom decided to restore the names of the bosses in Mega Man X5 to their original names from the Japanese release.

When Mega Man X5 was localized for the Americas back in 2001, the names of the game’s eight Mavericks were changed to ones that referenced the members of heavy metal band Guns n’ Roses. The revision saw names such as Axle the Red, Grizzly Slash, Duff Mcwhalen, Dark Dizzy, Mattrex, and more.

The names were said to be thought up by voice actress Alyson Court, who worked on the game’s localization, as a tribute to her then-husband’s love for the band. The change became the source of many debates in the Mega Man X community. With the release of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection, the names will be restored to their originals, which are more consistent with the series’ naming scheme for its Maverick villains.

As for the “X Challenge Mode” featured in the trailer, it will allow players to choose a loadout and do battle against two bosses at the same time. The duo of Mavericks will come from across the series’ eight titles, making for interesting synergies and challenges for the player.

In a statement to GameSpot, Capcom confirmed the changes saying that they wanted to make the names consistent across the whole collection for “for better narrative cohesion across the series.” They added, “We hope that fans appreciate our intent to unify the Mega Man X Maverick-naming convention all these years later.”

Mega Man X Legacy Collection, which comes in two parts, is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on July 24, 2018. You can check out the “X Challenge Mode” trailer, which features the restored names, below: