New Dragon Age Comic ‘Deception’ Is Revealed

While BioWare has been talking up a storm about their upcoming game, Anthem, others have been waiting desperately for Dragon Age news. Well, this new Dragon Age comic may be just the thing fans need, at least until BioWare give us some concrete information about Dragon Age 4. In this comic, BioWare has once again teamed up with Dark Horse Comics to tell their next story in the world of Thedas, Dragon Age Deception.

The setting of the newest comic is said to be set in the land where mages have the power, where slaves are treated worse than cattle and where blood magic rituals most likely happen every day right before breakfast. Yes, we’re returning to Tevinter, though this time we’ll not be returning to the story that was Mage Killer. Instead, we’ll be learning the story of the new protagonist, con-artist Olivia Pryde and her life as a failed actress turned thief.

Returning to create Dragon Age Deception are writer Nunzio DeFilippis and Cristina Weir, Fernando Heinz Furukawa on the art front, colorist Michael Atiyeh as well as stunning cover art by Sachin Teng.

According to the summary, provided by ComicBook, “Pryde ventures into a life of crime throughout the streets of Ventus. When she targeted Calix Qintara, a well known Tevinter household regarded for their wealth, things quickly go south when she realizes that Calix is nothing like she thought.” It certainly sounds intriguing, and as you can see from the magnificent artwork above, it looks as though the comic will be one to remember both visually and through its story. Though, considering how well Mage Killer and Knight-Errant did, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that our hopes are raised to expect the best from the comic.

However, this isn’t the only new thing coming out about Dragon Age. For fans of Dragon Age 2 and Varric, the beloved dwarf with chest hair that would make Gaston from Disney jealous, there is also Mary Kirby’s upcoming book ‘Hard in Hightown’.

Hard in Hightown is set to come out on August 2nd this year, whereas Dragon Age: Deception will be releasing on October 10th, also this year.