Mass Effect FemShep Statue Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You

Remember when Mass Effect was great? Commander Shepard was a big part of the original trilogy’s success, especially the female version lovingly referred to as FemShep. Gaming collectible maker Gaming Heads is bringing back those good feelings by revealing its new Mass Effect FemShep statue. Standing at 20 inches tall, this statue of the red-headed default Commander Shepard is currently up for pre-order for $399.99 and is slated to release in within the first quarter of 2019.

The statue comes in two versions: the regular edition and exclusive edition. Both are the same price but the exclusive edition comes with the M-98 Widow Anti-Material Rifle and is only sold on the Gaming Heads website. Buyers can swap out the weapons if they choose. The regular edition only comes with the M8 Avenger, which is available in both versions. Each weapon is a popular firearm in Mass Effect 2 and 3. The M8 Avenger was even featured on the Mass Effect 2 box art and was one of the most iconic weapons in the franchise.

The regular edition will have 1,000 units worldwide while the exclusive will only have 500 available units. Both editions come with a deluxe full-color packaging, a hand-numbered base, and a certificate of authenticity. This certificate lets buyers purchase the same edition number for future Mass Effect releases. The store does not currently have any statues from Mass Effect Andromeda and, given how that game performed, it’s unlikely that we will see anything from that entry.

Along with God of War, Fallout, and others, Gaming Heads also has a few other collectibles from the series outside of the Mass Effect FemShep statue in their store. They sell statues of Mordin, Liara, Wrex, Thane, Tali, and Garrus. The prices range from $309.99 for Thane to a whopping $599.99 for Wrex. Krogan are some of the bulkier sentient creatures in the franchise, so it feels fitting that they would cost the most.