The Sacrifice Update Comes to Warframe on Consoles July 5

Warframe‘s latest update The Sacrifice is coming to consoles very soon, after launching on PC a few weeks ago. The new update adds a new cinematic quest which advances the story and creates new lore. As well as the cinematic quest, the update will bring a lot of improvements and additions to the overall game.

The Sacrifice update continues the story of Warframe and picks up from the climatic events from the previous cinematic quest. You can’t just play the new quest straight away, as players will need to check that they have completed certain quests for it to become available. To access the new quest, players will need to complete The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow and Apostasy Prologue. Warframe players who have already completed those quests can jump straight into The Sacrifice. People who are new to Warframe needn’t worry, developer Digital Extremes has made a handy quest guide which will help you to complete the quests you need.

The Sacrifice update comes to Warframe on consoles July 5

As mentioned before, The Sacrifice brings in a lot of new things. The long-awaited Excalibur Umbra makes his debut in The Sacrifice update. Warframe‘s user interface has also received some changes. The update includes customizable UI themes, a revamped inventory menu, updated menus, new UI sounds and more. There is also Umbra Armour that can be used on any Warframe that you own. Your companions won’t feel left out either as they get Umbra armor as well. Players can also customize their Operators with new cosmetics.

There are also some small additions that Warframe players will find interesting. Excalibur’s Exalted Blade and Valkyr’s Talon’s can now be modded. This means that these two Warframes will be a little bit more powerful now. For those who are into taking screenshots, there is a new Captura scene based on The Sacrifice.

The Sacrifice update comes to consoles on July 5. Warframe is a free-to-play game and is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.