Nintendo Switch 2018 Games Lineup Hasn’t Been Fully Revealed

Outgoing Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima, has confirmed in his last general meeting of shareholders that there are unannounced games releasing on the Nintendo Switch this year. We thought we knew of all the Nintendo Switch 2018 games, but no, there are more surprises to come. We’re in July now, however, so any game on the way has to be announced soon.

This nugget of news, and more, was announced in the meeting, of which a transcript was released. Only in Japanese, however, Dualshockers provided a summary of its contents. Kimishima spoke of sales targets and exactly how the Big N plans on meeting its forecasts. Nintendo’s plan remains to ship out twenty million Switch units in the current fiscal year (ending March 2019). Nintendo is going to achieve this in a number of ways.

Firstly, Kimishima expects Nintendo to manufacture the required number of Switch units, despite price fluctuations in components. Discussions will “continue in earnest” with collaborators to ensure smooth manufacture. That’s great and all, but how will Nintendo shift the Switch? With a “powerful lineup” of games, apparently.

The Switch lineup is very solid but has been a touch patchy this year. We have received a lot of ports, but not too many brand-new titles. Only Mario Tennis Aces and Kirby Star Allies immediately spring to mind as console exclusives. Now, a good number of third-party titles have also released on Nintendo Switch 2018. Wolfenstein 2 only just launched, for example. The Switch lineup for the second-half of 2018 looks really rather good, however.

We’ll soon be playing Octopath TravelerSuper Mario PartyPokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, and of course, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Complimenting these titles are the likes of Starlink, Dark Souls Remastered and Fifa 19. No matter your preferences, that’s a stellar lineup. Now, Kimishima is telling us there’s even more on the way? Get those wallets ready.

Kimishima didn’t go into any details regarding what surprise Nintendo Switch 2018 games will be. He did, however, say that Nintendo will showcase the full lineup at a later date. Nintendo will announce these new games when the time is right.

What kind of surprises do you think Nintendo has in store for us? New exclusives? Third-party games? More ports of Wii U games? Let us know in the comments.