WarioWare Gold Demo Is Now Live in Europe

A free demo for the upcoming WarioWare Gold is live in Europe. Fans of the wacky microgame collection series can give the new game a go before the proper release date of July 27. A 3DS entry into this beloved series has been a long time coming, so hopefully, the WarioWare Gold demo will make the long wait easier.

WarioWare Gold isn’t quite a fully-fledged new release, however. Indeed, much like Rhythm Heaven Megamix, this new WarioWare title is a “best of” of sorts. WarioWare Gold gathers over 300 microgames from all across the series’ history and throws a few new ones in for good measure. You’ll be making the most out of all of the 3DS’ features. Gyro controls, microphone usage, button pressing and touchscreen controls all come into play.

Alongside all this, too, comes fully-voiced cutscenes. Charles Martinet’s devious delivery of Wario will feature in Gold a hell of a lot. If a new story, full voice-acting and over 300 microgames aren’t enough for you, Nintendo still has you covered. Different modes change up the gameplay. You can replay all of the microgames with steeper challenges. You’ll earn rewards by completing missions. Multiplayer comes into play with Battle Time mode, too, and even an arcade gets in on the action. Phew. That’s a lot of content!

Downloading the WarioWare Gold demo couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is switch your 3DS on and head onto the eShop. Once on there, the shiny new demo should appear on the home screen of Nintendo’s dinky digital store.

The demo allows players to try out the story mode. Who doesn’t want to play some wonderfully wacky microgames right now? WarioWare Gold looks to be the strongest entry in the series yet and we can’t wait to dive deep into silliness when the game launches on July 27th. Now, if you don’t mind me, I think I’m gonna play some WarioWare for the first time in years.