Get Your Teacher On in Valthirian Arc Hero School Story

Valthirian Arc Hero School Story is an indie game that puts you in the principal’s office of a small academy in the Valthiria, a place that trains the world’s heroes in the art of combat and magic. It’s coming to PC, Switch, and PS4 later this year.

In your role as principal at Valthiria Academy, you recruit teachers and enroll students to train the next generations of heroic adventurers. What begins as a small faculty can grow into a huge institution under your management, which involves constructing classrooms, cafeterias and training grounds where your students can mature into one of 9 specialist classes. They’ll then be sent out into the wild to complete quests and gain some honest-to-goodness work experience in their desired professions.

What adds another layer to Valthirian Arc Hero School Story is that when students go out on quests, you can take control of their party and engage in the combat yourself. You can switch between students of different classes in order to effectively make use of all of their abilities in a real-time tactical RPG style of gameplay. While out in the field, you can also harvest materials and gather loot that you can take back to the academy to create new weapons, armor, and items.

As your academy grows in size and popularity, however, you’ll be at risk of being used as a political pawn in the world of Valthiria. There are five Queendoms all fighting over the land, and a big spooky evil bad thing of ambiguous origins just on the horizon, so you’ll have to navigate the landscape carefully.

Valthirian Arc Hero School Story looks like it’ll be an interesting time. With an anime art style, it’s likely to be quite the hammy and entertaining fantasy experience. You can try it out later this year, when the game comes to PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.