No Plans for Rocket League 2, Psyonix Confirms

For a game that’s basically football or soccer with cars, Rocket League has been a massive success for developer Psyonix. It was originally released on the PS4 and PC in 2015, followed by the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2016 and 2017, respectively. With 45 million registered players and around six to seven million concurrent players every month, perhaps the sequel might already be in development. However, according to game director Scott Rudi, there are currently no plans for a Rocket League 2.

In an interview with Gamespot, Rudi said that Psyonix is treating Rocket League as a platform, with constant support and new updates keeping the game alive. He said: “That’s preferable to do; games-as-a-service. The most valuable thing in our game is our fans. A lot of the stuff we do is focused on keeping them with us. Keeping them interested and all hyped up about our game. We want to provide a really good experience [for players] to have fun with for years to come.”

That’s good and all, but surely a sequel would have to be considered several years down the pipeline? Not so, as Rudi added: “We want to keep this going. I don’t know what I’d do with Rocket League 2. I’d rather do more to expand the existing Rocket League. It’s doing great, there is a lot ahead of it. So yeah, we have no plans for Rocket League 2.”

Right now the developer is gearing up for the upcoming Rocket League Anniversary event, which will be taking place from July 9 to July 23, 2018. That’s only a slice of the new content planned for the game, as it also recently received some Jurassic World DLC. Interestingly, Rocket League isn’t the only game pursuing a games-as-a-service model, as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will also be going that route when it launches this October.