PlayStation Vue Price Increase Coming July 24

Are you a PlayStation Vue multi-channel plan subscriber? Get ready to pound your fist on the table if you hate the thought of paying more for it. Sony recently posted on its PlayStation blog that a $5 per month price increase is coming to all of their PlayStation Vue multi-channel plans, starting on July 24, 2018. This rate hike does not apply to add-ons and standalone channels.

The higher rate will apply to all the PlayStation Vue multi-channel plans which includes Access, Core, Elite and Ultra. Depending on what plan you have, the rate increase is anywhere from 6.7% to 12.5%. So, with the adjusted price, you will be paying the following as of July 24:

  • Access: $44.99
  • Core: $49.99
  •  Elite: $59.99
  • Ultra: $79.99

Sony cites “rising business costs” as the reason for this increase, but is quick to remind everyone of the PlayStation Vue value. Their package line-ups include channels like Discovery, Disney/ESPN, AMC, HGTV, Food Network and Tuner, in addition to broadcast stations and sports league networks. When you add the five simultaneous streams, extensive list of supported devices and cloud-based DVR, maybe this isn’t just some marketing rhetoric. It’s clear the service has come a long way since it was first announced back in 2014 and continues to evolve with new features and offerings.

In a similar situation, look at Spotify that has been facing (and losing) lawsuits brought on by the musicians who say they aren’t getting fairly compensated. Spotify now has to find ways to recover those rising business costs. Netflix gained market dominance by offering incredible value, but it was unsustainable and they’ve been raising their subscription rates. Meanwhile, Netflix is losing content as companies like Disney decide to launch their own service instead.

How irked are you at the thought of paying more for PlayStation Vue? Does it make you want to pack up and explore other options or is it worth the price? Did you pound your fists on the table? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.