Warframe Nintendo Switch Version Officially Announced

The Warframe Nintendo Switch version is coming! If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner and have been craving some third-person shooter action, rejoice as Warframe has just been officially announced. The announcement was made during the Warframe annual convention TennoCon, where, as you might expect, the convention attendees were gushing at the news.

The Warframe port over to the Nintendo Switch is in good hands. Panic Button is responsible for the task and has a proven track record with previous Nintendo Switch ports including: Rocket League, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and DOOM. In a recent interview with Adam Creighton, the director of development and co-owner of Panic Button, he said that the studio has spent almost six years working with the Nintendo Switch hardware which is “more than almost any third party.” (via Variety)

Warframe is certainly not new but when it’s possible to hold an annual convention, be assured this game has a loyal and dedicated fan base. In fact, the game has more than 38-million registered players, according to the Digital Extremes news release. Since its release on PC in 2013, the game has seen plenty of updates that have managed to keep the franchise thriving over the years. It’s currently available for free download on PS4, Xbox One and on Steam for Windows PC.

Warframe is set in a sci-fi world that might remind you of a Halo-type environment at first glance. The scope of the game is vast, with the ability to explore massive new open worlds. It’s best known as a free-to-play cooperative third-person online action game, but there are various downloadable content packs that you can buy as well. The game features hundreds of weapons and thousands of customization options to keep things fresh and unique-looking. With two expansion packs announced during the TennoCon convention, there is going to be even more Warframe goodness to enjoy into the foreseeable future.

The Warframe Nintendo Switch release date and pricing information are not yet known. We will update you with those details as they become available.