Upcoming Pokemon Movie Gets Beautiful New Visual

Need more Pokemon in your life? A new and impressive visual by the Japanese artist Yoshitoshi Shinomiya has been unveiled as part of the build-up towards opening day of Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story. Four new commercials have also been released, one of which you can watch below. This is the 21st release in the Pokemon anime franchise and hits theaters in Japan on July 13 with a global release in the future.

Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story is the sequel to last years film, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! which was released in Japan on July 15, 2017. I Choose You! enjoyed solid box office success in Japan where it grossed approximately 4.6 million dollars in the first two days and went on to gross more than 37 million dollars globally.

In this latest release, the story is set during the annual Wind Festival at Fura City where people live together with the wind. The legendary Lugia, Pikachu, Eevee and mythical Pokemon Zeraora will make an appearance in the movie, along with a cast of five other characters. Some of these characters can be found on the stunning movie visual. Just like last years movie, Everyone’s Story does not tie into the Pokemon television series characters or setting.

Wit Studio is responsible for the films animation production and based on reactions to the new trailers, fans seems excited about the new visuals. For the first time since 1998, Kunihiko Yuyama will not be directing but takes over animation responsibilities instead. Yuyama is replaced in the directors chair by Tetsuo Yajima who is best known for his directors role for the Pocket Monsters: XY television series and he was also the assistant director of last years movie.

The official Japan release date for Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story is Friday, July 13. If you’re wondering about release dates for other countries, there has been no official announcement. That said, if previous releases are any indicator then expect a global release anywhere from October to December. Last years I Choose You! was released globally in November and it aired on Disney XD in the US later that same month.

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