Redout Switch Isn’t Cancelled, Developer Confirms

You’d be forgiven if you couldn’t remember what Redout was. A futuristic racer much in the same vein as WipEout and F Zero, the game was announced early on into the Switch’s life. It has been available on PS4, Xbox One and PC for around two years by now, but the Switch port hasn’t been so lucky. Redout on Switch has seen a number of delays, and now, as it’s building up towards release, people’s pre-orders have been canceled. The game’s developer assures us, however, that the game is still in development for Switch.

Indeed, Amazon has been canceling pre-orders of the game. Of course, this threw up questions regarding whether or not Redout has been canceled on Switch. Users on Reddit have been sharing stories on the issue. One user, named geekjosh, thought that Redout is likely canceled on Switch. His comment is as follows:

“Just got an email from Amazon. They cancelled my order and delisted the game from their site. Email says that the item is “no longer available from supplier”. Checked with some other people I knew who had it ordered, they received the same email. No word from Nicalis, but I’d wager they just couldn’t port it over properly.”

It turns out, too, that Gamestop canceled pre-orders back in September 2017. Just what is happening with the game? Nicalis is yet to comment. 34BigThings (the game’s developer), however, has since taken to Twitter to reaffirm that Redout is still in development for Switch:

With Redout still due to hit the Switch, it brings into question why pre-orders have been getting canceled. Perhaps it will be digital only? Time will tell, but any such “amazing” announcement will come “soon”. If you are looking for a futuristic racing game to play right now on your hybrid machine, Fast RMX is available on the eShop; a game we dubbed as “one of the best Switch titles out” at the time.