Fortnite Axe Season 5 Teaser Image Drops Another Hint

Epic Games has unleashed a Fortnite Axe Season 5 teaser image upon the world, giving eager players something more to drool over before the July 12 release date arrives. What exactly does the Fortnite axe have to do with Season 5? Well, it could be a Legendary skin for the pickaxe, or it could be something completely different! Epic Games keeps on adding to the mystery, with this axe not really lining up with any of the popular fan theories. It also doesn’t seem to  relate to the first teaser image here, which shows a mask.

Check out the Fortnite axe in the tweet below. (God of War fans might appreciate the blue hue surrounding the axe!)

Unfortunately, before the July 12 launch date does arrive, we won’t know exactly what this Fortnite axe image means. Clearly Epic Games is teasing the new Season, as the image is captioned with “2 days until Season 5.” However, aside from the rift that stems from the axe’s blade, there really isn’t much to go off here.

Again, I’ll put forward the theory of Season 5 being made up of several different settings, with the time shifting at different points of the Season. For the first two weeks, we could indeed get a Wild West desert map, as has been hinted at. Following that, we could be transported to ancient Japan. I think Epic Games will really try to impress with this upcoming Season. The battle royale genre is becoming more and more crowded, with big players like Call of Duty and Battlefield entering the fight. Though it is currently the clear king of BR, Fortnite is going to have to keep offering fresh experiences if it hopes to survive.

The Fortnite Season 5 release date has been confirmed to be July 12, so we won’t have to wait much longer to find out what the hell Epic Games has been teasing.