Nier Automata English Novels to Be Released Later This Year and Next Year

Nier Automata was one of the most successful RPGs in 2017. It’s been lauded for its complex and emotional narrative combined with great gameplay. Although a sequel of any kind probably won’t be coming anytime soon, the critically-acclaimed game will be returning in the form of novels. These would certainly appeal to those who have completed the game, especially those who yearn to return to the world crafted by Yoko Taro.

According to Polygon, two short fiction Nier Automata novels will receive official English localizations. The first is Nier Automata Long Story Short, which is actually the novelization of the game itself. That shouldn’t deter players who have completed the game, as the wiki for the novel states that it will contain “previously unknown character’s thoughts and some additional story for Adam and Eve and A2.” It will be published in October 2018.

The second is Nier Automata Short Story Long, which is a collection of short stories set in the Nier Automata universe. This anthology of sorts will contain two original stories: “Emil’s Recollection” and “YoRHa Ver. 1.05.” It will also include five previously released stories and two new ones, namely “The Flame of Prometheus,” “Orbital Bunker Observation Diary,” “Memory Thorn,” “A Much Too Silent Sea” and “Small Flowers.” It is slated for release sometime in Spring 2019.

Written by novelist Jun Eishima and Yoko Taro, both of these novels have actually been released in Japan earlier in 2017. We already know that the trade paperback for Nier Automata Long Story Short will cost $14.99, according to Amazon. In other related news, fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a Nintendo Switch version of Nier Automata, as it’s not currently planned by PlatinumGames. However, the fact that Yoko Taro himself wants a Switch version of the game should mean that there’s always hope of the game coming to the hybrid console in the future.