Days Gone PS4 Will Have The Witcher 3-Like Freaker Nests Called Infestations

Days Gone might have been delayed to 2019 but it remains one of the PS4’s most highly-anticipated exclusives. Developed by Bend Studio, it only received a definitive release date just before E3 2018 last month. It was originally slated to release sometime in 2018 but it has been delayed to February 22, 2019. More information about the upcoming game have come to light and it looks like the game is taking inspiration from other great games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

In an interview with GameReactor, Bend Studio’s Eric Jensen revealed more juicy details about the gameplay in Days Gone. In The Witcher 3, one of Geralt’s responsibilities as a Witcher is to clear out monster nests. When cleared, people would actually rebuild their settlements/villages and repopulate the immediate vicinity again. Jensen said that Days Gone would have a similar gameplay mechanic called “Infestations.”

He said: “The rest of the world is dynamic and living and reacts to Deacon, so as you take out what we call ‘infestations’ – these are kind of hotspots of the freakers where they can nest – you’ll see the environment and an area start to change and adapt. So where previously where it was infested with freakers, you might start to see humans showing up.”

Jensen also revealed that Days Gone will also have “different camp leaders that have different motivations” and “different jobs and job types that you can get from camps.” It sounds a lot like the different factions we had in Fallout New Vegas, where every group had their own agenda and specific missions tailored to each faction. That definitely sounds incredible if the developers could pull that off. For more information on the story and gameplay, check out our article here. The upcoming game will have some stiff competition on its release date, from the likes of Anthem, Crackdown 3 and Metro Exodus.