Monster Hunter World PC Graphics Will Be Equal With Console Versions at Launch

PC players will finally be getting a taste of Monster Hunter World next month. Those who swear by the PC’s superiority over consoles have always been more than happy to point out that games simply run better on the usually much more powerful PC hardware. However, it looks like this time the PC master race will have to sit on equal footing with console peasants, and quite literally at that.

In an interview with PCGamer, Monster Hunter World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said: “When the game launches the visuals will have parity with the console versions, but we’re considering releasing a free update after launch.” The game already runs pretty well on the PS4 and Xbox One, although it won’t actually reach native 4K or 60FPS on console hardware. Players hoping for an improved experience for the PC version of the game will have to settle for more of the same for a while.

Keep in mind that Tsujimoto isn’t confirming the free update in his statement. He’s merely saying that Capcom is “considering” a free post-launch update that will bring the improvements. This could probably have something to do with the report that Monster Hunter World sales have been deemed a “risk” for the Japanese games giant. This caused the company’s stocks to fall by 11.87 percent. Here’s hoping that the PC version of the game helps in mitigating the problem.

It was only yesterday that the Monster Hunter World PC release date was leaked ahead of its official announcement. The culprit was Steam, which launched the page for the game a bit earlier than expected. Two versions of the game are now available for pre-order: the Standard Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition. Both versions of the game will come with pre-order bonuses, which includes the Origin Set armor and the Fair Wind Charm.