Rocket League Cross-Platform Party Support Is Coming

Today on Inside Xbox, Scott Rudi from Psyonix announced they are introducing a Rocket League cross-platform party system later this summer. This news isn’t going to make PS4 owners any happier about the growing cross-platform movement. This new system enables you to party-up with friends who are playing on PC, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

Perhaps call it rising tension, but this latest news is surely putting more pressure on Sony to have another look at their stance on cross-platform support. When you have Fortnite and Minecraft embracing this movement and then add Rocket League to the mix, you start to believe this is indeed the way of the future. Sony has to cave on this one soon, or so you would hope.

There have been a number of recent announcements for Rocket League and some of those were highlighted during the Psyonix appearance on Inside Xbox today. Here is a quick recap:

The story about Rocket League joining Xbox Game Pass broke yesterday. With this news, you can try out the game before buying it and current Rocket League owners can buy DLC at a discounted price. Perhaps now is a good time to check out the Jeep Wrangler and T-Rex goal explosion in the Jurassic World DLC .

Rocket League is celebrating its third anniversary this month, so to mark the special occasion, players can earn free car customizations and play in a new arena Throwback Stadium. Updates are coming soon and Psyonix is revamping how you level up to make it more rewarding, plus they will be rolling out a new in-game rewards system called Rocket Pass in the near future.

Lastly, there is going to be Xbox One X support later this year. That version of Rocket League is expected to take advantage of all that extra horsepower and run at 60 FPS with full 4K HDR support. If you own Rocket League on the Xbox One or Xbox One S, don’t worry as your copy will transfer over to the Xbox One X.

This Rocket League announcement is especially good news for Nintendo Switch owners,2 who currently only have access to join games with Xbox One and PC players but lack party support. The new cross-platform party feature is set to roll out later this summer.