Nintendo UK Is Asking for as Much as £180 to Fix Cracked Switch Consoles

Nintendo UK may have gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle. For those who aren’t aware, there has been yet another problem discovered with the Nintendo Switch. This time it appears to be the type of plastic that is used on the console, where it is speculated that the heat of the Switch causes the plastic to react negatively and crack under the pressure.

This speculation comes from Nintendo Life, who has reached out to its viewers to ask about the issue. What remains true is that the Switch is facing an issue that Nintendo UK deems not under warranty, and people are far from happy about it. Several individuals have contacted Nintendo Life to discuss more about the problems they’ve been facing, with one person stating that Nintendo UK asked for £180 in order for the console to be fixed. You can see this tweet for yourself below.

Considering the prices of some Nintendo Switches, that’s over half the price to simply buy a new one. The overwhelming price tag, for an issue that is a part of the Switch’s design and therefore arguably should be under guarantee to fix it, has left many feeling disgruntled over the matter. Some are even asking for the console to be sent back unfixed, rather than spend such a large amount of money.

But what makes this situation even more strange is that this doesn’t seem to be an issue with Nintendo in North America. While Nintendo UK feels as though the cracks aren’t covered under warranty, Nintendo North America is fixing the issue free of charge. But why?

Regardless, we hope that Nintendo UK changes their stance on this soon, that is if they change it at all.