Undertale Nintendo Switch Release Date Is Revealed for Japan

The Undertale Nintendo Switch release date has been revealed, and it’s all thanks to our friends, Amazon Japan. It was announced back in March that the beloved indie RPG would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch sometime soon, but we weren’t given an exact date where we could expect to play it. Even after waiting so long, fans are still eager to know when the date will be. Thankfully, we now (sort of) know.

If you find yourself scrolling through Amazon Japan, you’ll notice that the store has listed Undertale for a release this year on the 15th of September. However, before we all get too hyped and start booking our time off work so we can celebrate, let’s remember that this date, at this moment, only applies for Japan and has yet to be confirmed by its publisher, Tobyfox. That said, it seems like a realistic date as the game was officially announced in March, giving it a winter release that is a must-have for gamers during the fall/winter gaming season.

And while some may be feeling discontent at not knowing whether that release date will apply for the West, we’re sure that we won’t have to wait too soon before we too can play this delightful game on our Switch. What’s more, we hope that they’ll be the chance of having a physical version of the game as well, just for those gamers out there who like to keep all their games in a collection.

Regardless, it’s obvious that there’s going to be another great indie title on the way for the Switch, whether it will be confirmed as coming soon or not, however, is still in limbo until the publisher officially confirms it. Though we hope we don’t miss it, especially as Nintendo have recently confirmed they aim to be placing 20-30 new games on the eShop per week.