Monster Hunter World Summer Festival Events Have Begun

The Summer Twilight Festival events for Monster Hunter World have begun. The summer festival will bring back previous events, allowing players to have another chance of acquiring the unique Capcom customizations like Mega Man and Devil May Cry. Also, those of us that don’t live in Japan get a little bonus.

All of the previous timed events will be coming back. This means that players who missed out on the Mega Man, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry and other customizations will get another chance at obtaining them. The first USJ quest is available for the first time outside of Japan, too, so even veteran Monster Hunter World players will have something new to do.

Monster Hunter World Summer Twilight Festival

Some monsters will also be coming back during the Summer Twilight Festival: the Arch-Tempered versions of Kirin, Vaal Hazak, and Kulve Taroth. The Arch-Tempered monsters are very strong, so it’s advised that players level up and get the best equipment before going against these. There are some new sets of armor available for players to craft. Players will also be able to craft two new weapons, the Shooting Star lance and the Azure Star long sword.

Palico fans needn’t worry, as Capcom haven’t forgotten about our furry friends. Your Palico can be equipped with new armor and weapons, and players who like to customize their cat friends will also be pleased, as there are also a few little changes that you’ll see. Poogie the pig will have a new outfit, and your handler will be dressed in a bikini for the summer-themed event. The gathering hub will also be decorated.

The start and end times for the Monster Hunter World Summer Twilight Festival are below:

Starting July 12th 8pm EDT / July 13th 9am JST

Ending July 26th 7:59pm EDT / July 27th 8:59am JST

Monster Hunter World is available on PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version is scheduled to release on August 9.