Enter the Gungeon Free Expansion Coming Next Week

After a few delays, Enter the Gungeon‘s next expansion is finally almost out. The Enter the Gungeon free expansion, Advanced Gungeons and Draguns, will come out on July 19 for the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This second major update will feature new items, characters, synergies, rooms, guns, balance updates, and more.

Developer Dodge Roll revealed the release date today on Twitter. Earlier this month, it also announced that the game was going through at least one console certification process, where it was also confirmed that the free Enter the Gungeon DLC was coming to the Switch “hopefully on the same day.”

Enter the Gungeon was a roguelike bullet hell released in April 2016 on the PS4 and PC. It came to the Xbox One in April 2017 and the Switch later that year. Its first major update, Supply Drop, came out in January 2017 and brought new guns, rooms, enemies, and more. Stating they weren’t done with the game, Dodge Roll announced Advanced Gungeons and Draguns in August 2017 and said it was “coming soon” in the fall.

“Soon” ended up not being so, and fans noticed, prompting Dodge Roll to take to Reddit to answer questions and give an explanation. The Switch port took more time than expected, and the devs also had trouble deciding what to include in Advanced Gungeons and Draguns and what to save for a future update. The update ended up ballooning in size and all the extra content they made during the Switch port process put them further ahead for the next update, but behind on Advanced Gungeons and Draguns.

This, as the Reddit post states, means that this is not the last update for the game. However, it is likely the next big expansion will not come to Enter the Gungeon free of charge. The developer stated last year that they were planning on making paid DLC after Advanced Gungeons and Draguns.