Gran Turismo Sport has a Huge Player Base

Gran Turismo Sport was a bit slow out of the gate but it’s finally cruising along. The game has received numerous updates since its release which have helped bring in new players, and it looks as though Polyphony Digital’s continued support has paid off, as it now has over 5 million players.

Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi made the announcement on Twitter, with the Polyphony Digital president revealing the racing game’s extensive player base. Gran Turismo Sport was released back in October 2018 to a mixed reception. The game had a few problems, like a lack of offline content but since its launch, developer Polyphony Digital has continued to support it with free updates. These updates have provided the game with a lot of content such as new cars, new manufacturers, new photo backgrounds, new tracks, and more.

One of the updates the game received introduced a new single-player mode called GT League, which emulates the campaign modes of previous Gran Turismo games. Some race series from previous games have been included, such as fan favorites the Sunday Cup and the Clubman Cup. Since the GT League update, Gran Turismo Sport has received more series of races that have added to its playtime and made it a more attractive package for racing fans.

The updates have also made features like Campaign Mode, Scapes and the livery editor playable offline. These modes were originally only playable online, which was a big issue people had with GT Sport. Thankfully the updates fixed this problem, though you still have to be online to save your progress. The inability to save your game while in offline mode continues to be a major gripe for many, and it is hoped that Polyphony Digital is working on an update to solve this issue.

Gran Turismo Sport is available now on PS4.