FFXIV x Monster Hunter World Trailer Revealed and There’s a Rathalos Mount

The Final Fantasy XIV x Monster Hunter World collaboration continues, as the Rathalos swoops into the popular MMO. FFXIV not only has the Rathalos boss fight but you’ll be able to get the “King of the Skies” as a mount. The Behemoth from Final Fantasy will be coming to Monster Hunter World in August.

The iconic dragon from Monster Hunter World will be flying into FFXIV and it looks like he will be strong. The trailer shows the Rathalos flying around, swiping with his tail and breathing fire on players. It’s safe to say that in order to beat the Rathalos, you will need to work as a team.

Rathalos isn’t the only beast from Monster Hunter World that appears in the trailer. The adorable Palico and the incredibly cute Poogie are also present in the trailer however, we don’t know what role they will have. There aren’t many more details about this collaboration but we do know that it is coming sometime this summer.

As mentioned before, the Behemoth from Monster Hunter World will be coming on August 1 and it looks like it will test players abilities. We do know a bit about the Behemoth in Monster Hunter World. In order to fight the Behemoth, you will need to have a hunter rank of 16 or higher. Even though skilled players will attempt to hunt down the Behemoth on their own, it is advised that they do work in a team.

Final Fantasy XIV originally released in 2010 where it was met with a negative reception. In 2013 Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn which was a big improvement and was the base for the MMO that many people play today. The game’s most recent expansion, Stormblood, released in 2017 and it was well-received by critics and fans. The collaboration between FFXIV and Monster Hunter World was announced at E3 2018 during Square Enix’s E3 showcase.

Final Fantasy XIV and its Stormblood expansion are avaialble now on PS4 and PC.