Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Offers “Dynamic” Action and Story

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is shaping up to be another stellar title by From Software. The Ninja epic from the folks behind Dark Souls looks stunning. With a vastly different setting, a set playable character and what looks to be another lore-filled story. The initial E3 trailer showed what appeared to be a more traditional story-based adventure than From Software’s other titles. Now we know that this is the case, with dynamic gameplay to boot. Sadly, no further details have been given for the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice release date.

Speaking to PlayStation.Blog, Hidetaka Miyazaki (Sekiro’s director) went into quite a bit of detail regarding his new game. It sounds like a good one, guys. Speaking of the core gameplay of his new game, Miyazaki explained that it is “dynamic”. “In combat, one of the key aspects that’s important… is the violence of the clashing of swords. The other thing is the verticality and dynamic movement that you’re allowed.”

Miyazaki certainly sounds like he wants Sekiro Shadows Die Twice to offer more of a dynamic experience to the player than his previous titles. “That dynamism is in the combat, as well. There are lots of different ways to approach a battle… stealth… attacking from above.” From Software is embracing the Ninja, here. “Some of your ninja tools can take advantage of an enemy’s weakness.” You can “go straight in with your sword” if you want, however. Honestly? It sounds awesome.

Unlike the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Sekiro’s story is “centered around the main character.” It’s dynamic, but not too different storytelling, explains Miyazaki:

“Aside from that, not too much is different. This isn’t a game where you go through one area, kill a boss, watch a cutscene, then the game tells you where to go next. The story trickles in as you’re playing the game, you’ll find things that will give you more information on the world — the lore, if you will — along with actual story information as well. In that way, it’s similar to our previous games.”

It all sounds great. We can’t wait to get our grubby mitts on Sekiro Shadows Die Twice when it releases on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC early next year.