Hitman Has a Summer Pack That Includes a Whole Level

Hitman developer IO Interactive is celebrating the summer by releasing the Summer Pack. The Summer Pack can be downloaded on PS4 and Xbox One for the low price of nothing. That’s right, you can download the Summer Pack for free and it contains a whole level from the game.

The Summer Pack which is available today contains the sunny level of Marrakesh. The Marrakesh level is where episode 3 of Hitman took place. There’s more on offer than the sun-soaked location, you can take on the Gilded Cage story mission, eight Escalation Contracts, and over 90 challenges. People who are into achievement/ trophy collecting will be pleased to know that there are seven of them to obtain.

The pack also includes the ICA Facility which provides even more content. This location will have two story missions, a number of Escalation Contracts, 40 challenges and seventeen achievements/ trophies. For those that do download this pack, you will be able to transfer your progress to the full game. The Summer Pack is available for a limited time, starting from today until July 31.

Hitman released in 2016 and unlike previous games in the series, it was released in an episodic format. Throughout 2016 developer IO Interactive released several episodes that followed on from each other. When each episode was released, Square Enix (who was the publisher at the time) released Hitman The Complete First Season. In May 2018, a Definitive Edition was released on PS4 and Xbox One which included all previous content plus some additional costumes. The Definitive Edition was published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

A sequel called Hitman 2, was announced at E3 2018. Developer IO made it clear that the sequel would not follow the episodic format of its predecessor. The upcoming title will feature 6 missions set in 6 different locations. The game will release on November 13 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.