Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Adds Base Goku and Vegeta

Following on from June’s addition of Fused Zamasu and Vegito (SSGSS), Dragon Ball fans have been wondering what the next wave of Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC would bring. We now have our answer. Being added to the roster this August, are base Goku and base Vegeta. While we don’t know why these fighters weren’t in the game to begin with, it’s nice that we’ll finally be able to play as Goku and Vegeta in their natural states.

Although we’ve been able to dish out the pain with two different forms of Goku and Vegeta, we’ve never been able to fight the likes of Frieza, Cell, and Buu as Goku or Vegeta with their traditional black hair. The designs may not look too different, but the new DLC fighters come with a new moveset. Thanks go to Ryokutya2089 for the information.

Base Goku can employ the legendary Kaioken. This will make you stronger (with a dashing red glow) and able to string together many attacks after activating. Just mash those buttons to keep attacking. Goku’s Kaioken will increase in power threefold if one of his allies is down. He’ll go Kaioken times 20 if both allies are down. Base Goku can also use the Super Spirit Bomb. Fans of Dragon Ball will know that this attack takes an age to charge, but it’s stupidly powerful.

Base Vegeta, meanwhile, unleashes his trusty Galick Gun as a super special. He’ll fire this towards the ground – great for mid-air attacks. Aside from this, Vegeta will make use of his Galaxy Breaker attack, which sends out an explosion of energy from around his body. While they might not look too different, base Goku and Vegeta will certainly bring something new to Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Both base Goku and Vegeta will be available as Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC in early August. While both are solid additions, we are still waiting for Hercule and Master Roshi Bandai Namco.