Dying Light 2 Stamina System Plays a Bigger Role, Can Be Upgraded

Dying Light 2 was initially unveiled during the Microsoft Xbox press conference at last month’s E3 2018. As a sequel to 2015’s Dying Light, it offers several gameplay improvements, including more of the same Mirror’s Edge-like parkour mechanic. However, the stamina system plays a bigger role this time around and it will surely affect the way everyone plays the game. Players won’t be able to jump around like Spider-Man without immediate consequences.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Techland lead designer Tymon Smektala said: “We had stamina in the first game, but it wasn’t used to that extent. Right now, if you want to just traverse the city you don’t really have to bother with this. Because we understand being able to traverse the city is a staple in Dying Light. But in places like [in the E3 demo], or during chases, the amount of stamina you have will be tested. So you’ll have to use the skills that don’t use that much stamina to avoid making any mistakes, but you’ll also be able to upgrade your stamina as you play the game.”

That sounds good, especially since players will be able to explore the city without worrying about conserving stamina. This would make the open-world travel and parkour movements much more fluid like it’s meant to be. However, stamina management will be a huge factor during setpieces and chase sequences, making the gameplay more complex and exciting. The ability to upgrade your stamina is also a welcome improvement to the game.

Last month, Smektala also said that Dying Light 2 might feature 4K 60FPS visuals and gameplay on both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. However, he clarified that making sure the game runs in 60FPS is more important to the developer than providing 4K graphics. He said: “The most important for us is the fluidity of movement because it’s a parkour game.”